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Hall of Fame & Awards

Hall of Fame Award
Awarded annually to an individual whose outstanding contributions to the sport of youth hockey have left an invaluable mark upon area youth hockey.

1973 Alf E. Lundsgaard, 1973 Bill Jess, 1973 James Leveque, 1973 Peg Jess, 1974 Bob Stone, 1975 Bill Coombe, 1975 Bob DeWan, 1975 George Behl, 1975 Ted McCurdy, 1975 Tom Brand, 1976 Derald Storlie, 1977 Marjorie Chapin, 1980 John Voorhees, 1980 Walt Drennan, 1982 Don Johnson, 1983 Bill Lechner, 1983 Mae & Walt Hilby, 1987 Jack & Helen Healy, 1987 Jim Timberlake, 1988 Chris Schuberth, 1988 Corinne Coombe, 1988 Joe O'Brien, 1990 Bob Ramsey, 1990 George Bloome, 1994 Johnny Jacks, 1994 Rick Dunbar, 1995 Gary Wells, 1996 Sue Coombe, 1997 Robbin Terry, 2002 Ann Coombe, 2002 Leona Stone, 2003 Paul Leveque, 2003 Pat Nudo, 2004 Dave Shaneman, 2004 I. K. Friedman, 2005 John Coombe, 2005 Bill J. Coombe, 2006 Rik Stone, 2007 Bob Gordon, 2008 Dave Kervin, 2009 Bob Heisler, 2009 Tim Johnson, 2011 Dave Ryan, 2011 Rick Wiese, 2012 Steven Gobelman, & 2013 Don Viele

The Mike Kelly Award

Mike Kelly (December 31, 1968 - August 9, 1986) passed away following a car accident.  Mike was a devoted hockey player who started playing hockey in 1975 at the age of 6, and developed into an outstanding goalie. On occasion, he also played as a forward or defenseman.

At the time of his passing, Mike was going to start his senior year at Glenwood High School where he also played football. He was the son of Dennis and Velma Kelly, who were devoted hockey parents and supported Springfield Youth Hockey and rarely missed any of Mike's games at home or away.  Mike also left an older sister, Colleen.

The Mike Kelly Award is given annually to an outstanding midget player who is devoted to the game both on and off the ice in the memory of Mike Kelly.

1986  Michael R. Kelly, 1987 Eric Taft, 1988 Mike Lozosky, 1989 Brad Gathard, 1990 Chris Ori, 1991 Chad Goodrum, 1992 Michael Butler, 1993 Brett Chiaro, 1994 Josh Lee, 1995 Ben Dervin, 1996 Aaron Wells, 1997 Not Awarded, 1998 Not Awarded, 1999 Not Awarded, 2000 Not Awarded, 2001 Not Awarded, 2002 Not Awarded, 2003 Not Awarded, 2004 Michael Laviin, 2005 Ryan Caldwell, 2006 Not Awarded, 2007 Not Awarded, 2008 Andrew Beal, 2009 Walker Nelson and Jamie Usherwood, 2010 Bobby Maiocco, 2011 Brandon Shures, 2012 Anthony Rocco, & 2013 Jacob Brandon.

The Bill Coombe Memorial Award

Bill Coombe was a monumental figure in the world of ice hockey in Springfield dating back to its advent, and was involved in nearly all facets of the game over the course of many, many years. The Bill Coombe Memorial Award is given annually to an outstanding referee who exhibits Bill’s passion and commitment to the sport, both on and off the ice.

2008 Bob Jones, 2009 Dave Shaneman, 2010 Not Awarded, 2011 Will Brooks, 2012 Trevor Waite, & 2013 Tyler Shures.

The Presidents Award

The President’s Award is given  annually to an officer or coach who has gone above and beyond in the performance of their duties, far greater than expected of an ordinary officer, coach, or volunteer.

2008 Mike McGuire, 2009 Kris and Dan Wellman, 2010 Gary Gray, 2011 Heather Dhom and Ryan Williams, 2012 Rick Wood, & 2013 Shannon Elliott.


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